Eikan Kyoto Temple Illuminated Pond in 2019

Nov. 25, 2019, 11:46 a.m.

Toyo Fujita of Ikoma360 submitted this wonderful night shot of an illuminated shot at the Kyoto Eikan temple. This shot is taken with a single DNG using a RICOH THETA Z1. The temple does not allow tripod or monopod, so it's amazing that Toyo was able to get this shot.

The RAW/DNG format was developed using Adobe Lightroom Classic CC and the RICOH THETA Stitcher.

From the photographer:

Autumn in Kyoto is full of tourists. Under such circumstances, satisfactory 360-degree shooting is extremely difficult. The same is true for the one-click RICOH THETA. The difficulty increases when shooting night scenes with beautiful illuminations. While securing the shooting position is important, in order to capture the autumn leaves floating on the surface of the pond, the shutter speed must be set to at least 2 seconds. However, the people move in that 2 seconds. Even though the pond can be taken beautifully, the surrounding pictures are confused and not good. This is the so-called subject blur. Besides bracket photography! The time was shortened to 1.6 seconds, and we waited for the moment people reached out. This is a success. They are also stationary for filming.

[f / 2.1 ISO-80 1.6SS]

Toyo runs an excellent blog in Japanese with many excellent pictures.

IKOMA360 Official Blog

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