No Trespassing!

Aug. 24, 2019, 3:40 p.m.

Technique: Using FastCV Painting plug-in, combining "edge" and "theta" versions, GIMP

This picture was taken using Vincent Wong's FastCV Painting plug-in. I went to Ft. Point, below the Golden Gate Bridge, an old, brick military fort that has great views of the bridge and lots of interesting geometric shapes. My wife and I are in the picture. We were looking for interesting geometric shapes that show up well when the pictures are converted to line drawings. We were hamming it up a bit in front of a No Trespassing sign.

What you're seeing is a combination of "edge" picture created by FastCV Painting, which looks like a line drawing, and the "theta" version, which is identical but it is the full RGB data. In other words, it is a normal 360 degree image. I worked on the two images, copying and pasting the people in the theta version over to the edge version. I used GIMP to do this.

For more information on Vincent Wong's FastCV Painting plug-in, please see: