Ft Point, Golden Gate Bridge

Aug. 24, 2019, 3:04 p.m.

This picture was taken using Vincent Wong's FastCV Painting plug-in. I went to Ft. Point, below the Golden Gate Bridge, an old, brick military fort that has great views of the bridge and lots of interesting geometric shapes. What you're seeing is a combination of "edge" picture created by FastCV Painting, which looks like a line drawing, and the "theta" version, which is identical but it is the full RGB data. In other words, it is a normal 360 degree image. I worked on the two images, copying and pasting the people in the theta version over to the edge version. I used GIMP to do this.

For more information on Vincent Wong's FastCV Painting plug-in, please see: https://community.theta360.guide/t/fastcv-painting-by-vincent-wong-mok-mun-fong/4659