FastCV Painting - Pencil

July 22, 2019, 9:35 p.m.

THETA Plug-in by Vincent Wong and Mok Mun Fung. FastCV Painting is a plugin for RICOH THETA V camera. While user is snapping a photo, it will generate a painting-like picture and store both the captured and generated pictures in files on device.

The initial version of the plugin will generate a negative-like and an edge-detection pictures. The later version will generate a painting-like image too. The captured picture will be saved as theta_DATETIME.JPG and generated pictures as painting_DATETIME.JPG, negative_DATETIME.JPG and edge_DATETIME.JPG.

The FastCV Painting plug-in uses the FastCV image processing SDK. FastCV is a Computer Vision library provided by Qualcomm. Operations involved in image processing are optimized for ARM processors and are particularly effective for Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processors. To use FastCV, it is necessary to program with C/C ++ using the Android NDK (Native Development Kit).


1. To run plug-in mode, press and hold the mode button.

2. Press the mode button several times until the still mode LED is turned on.

3. Press the shutter button and capture.

4. The captured and processed images are saved at DCIM directory.