Hard Rock Cafe, Osaka, Japan

July 8, 2019, 6:05 p.m.

Equipment: Camera: THETA Z1, ISO Priority Mode /ISO80, Tripod: Velbone Cube + QRA-4 (Quick Release Adapter) bubble leveler attached, Extension: HAKUBA HCS-2, RICOH THETA Time Shift Shooting Plug-in

Software: Single DNG developed in LR +Stitcher, Nadir touched by GIMP + G’Mic Plug-in, Published on Google Street View through PANO2VR Pro ver.6.1

Noticed: I did NOT use any extra software like as RAW+ and I hate the bracketing mode for HDR shooting. I prefer to developing single DNG to edit Highlight / Shadow. Because I am a GSV photographer with just 50 approved 360 photos, not an artist. Time is Money!