Blue Sea Adventure

June 30, 2019, 5:41 p.m.

First use of THETA V underwater - TW-1 case had several problems - First of all, you can't use the RICOH THETA mobile app underwater - You also can't use all the buttons on the THETA, like self timer mode - You can only use power, mode, shutter - Unfortunately, the TW-1 case is highly visible in the pictures - And there is no self timer, so the diver is required to press the shutter button manually - THis produces the "claw" hand - Also, water filters out red light at lower depths, so pictures are too blue - So Craig Oda created the SCUBA plug-in which can be found in the THETA Plug-in Store - It allows you to take self-timed pictures, and to toggle between different Color Temperature - Currently experimenting with adding more red with Color Temperature, Experimenting with circular lights (normal light rigs are not usable with 360 degree photograph) - and experimenting with drone photography (drone on surface of the water, camera underwater, upside down) - Bottom of case shows less if you're on the bottom or if it's attached upside down to a drone.

webp, 40% quality, 0% alpha